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Table mail

Field Description Type Null Key Default Extra
id sequential ID int(10) unsigned NO PRI NULL auto_increment
uid user.id of the owner of this data int(10) unsigned NO MUL 0
guid A unique identifier for this private message int(10) unsigned NO MUL
from-name name of the sender varchar(255) NO
from-photo contact photo link of the sender varchar(255) NO
from-url profile linke of the sender varchar(255) NO
contact-id contact.id varchar(255) NO
convid conv.id int(11) unsigned NO MUL 0
title varchar(255) NO
body mediumtext NO NULL
seen if message visited it is 1 varchar(255) NO 0
reply varchar(255) NO MUL 0
replied varchar(255) NO 0
unknown if sender not in the contact table this is 1 varchar(255) NO 0
uri varchar(255) NO MUL
parent-uri varchar(255) NO MUL
created creation time of the private message datetime NO 0001-01-01 00:00:00

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